Monday, October 5, 2009

Matty Has a Pumpkin Shirt

It is true.....Matty has a pumpkin shirt. I think she looks adorable! See for yourself -

Tyler said that it makes her feel humiliated. I don't think she looks humiliated in the slightest. I think she feels cute and and it gives her holiday spirit. It makes her want to light scented candles, curl up by the fire and eat fun sized candies. That may just be my opinion but I am rarely wrong, especially when it comes to Matty's thoughts and feelings.

She likes it. I just know it! She has to love can she not love it???

Here is a conversation that went on for a little over an hour. I will spare you the whole conversation, as cute as it was, because I realize that I might think my kids are a little cuter than you do. Here is Layla giving the scoop on Matty and in case you didn't know it, Matty is wearing a pumpkin shirt.

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  1. So flippin' cute! Punkin shirt...adorable!

  2. That is too cute! (The kid, not the dog... I agree with Tyler, she looks embarrassed.)
    My parents used to put funny clothes on our small dogs... mostly they looked a little outraged.

  3. Oh, sweet Layla! She is so adorable! And I love the pose on the floor with her feet up - so girly! :)
    Our dog has a pumpkin costume too. I'm not gonna kid myself, I know she hates it - she tried to rip it off with her teeth - but I don't care. I think she looks adorable and it doesn't hurt her one bit to wear it one day of the year! So there! ;)

  4. Um outfits for your dog are great, but they are even greater when it is a holiday outfit I think matty looks very comfy and really for some candy, Jerry loves his shirts too. I don't believe how much Layla is talking your daddy told us she hold whole conversations now she is too cute.

  5. "Punky shirt, gawgie." Best part by far. Layla, you are so cute!!


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