Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Apple Fun!

Today the twins had their well baby check. They had a great appointment and I am happy to say that they are well babies! Well, they were until the shots rolled around! After the shots (one in each leg!) they were not in the best of moods. I decided to wait to do apple prints until they were in better moods. So, as an alternate project we decided to stick apple stickers on paper and practice saying the words "apple", "red", and "Please help me ". They had fun and I think it will be an activity we repeat with each theme. Here is a few pictures and a video of our fun. The battery in my camera died at the end of my video but I think you will get the gist!

Here is Ysa working on a sticker

Here is Layla getting started

I think they have the hang of it now

Did you notice their outfits??? I know, it is a little overboard but we already owned the outfits so what they hay!


  1. So cute! I noticed their apple outfits right away and just thought "Caryn's the queen of theme!"

  2. awwww... they are so cute. Good job mom! She did it herself!

  3. Adorable as always! I love hearing their sweet little voices!

  4. fun fun! their outfits are precious as they are!


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