Saturday, September 12, 2009


Soccer season has begun! This year we have 3 kids playing soccer on 3 different teams. Why you ask? Well, the answer is simple - my husband cannot say "NO". Especially to his children. Especially if the question is "Can I play a sport?" The answer will always be "YES!" So, here we are on the opening day of soccer and it was about as crazy as you can imagine!

Let me start off by saying that I had a great day! My children grinned from ear to ear and that will always be a day I'd repeat a thousand times over... BUT today was not an ordinary day.
Today it RAINED!!!!
That NEVER happens in summer...EVER!
It wasn't just a sprinkle either, it was a full blown thunder and lightening, skies opening up and exploding, wait am I in Texas kind of rain!!!!
So, did you know they do not cancel soccer games when it rains??? I sat out in a total down pour with no umbrella holding the twins in the rain....
Layla crying because she was and I quote
"Wat. Momma my WAT again!" which she repeated with every rain drop...

But, as I said before it was a great day.
Wesley dominated the ball every time he was on the field. He was fearless and ran his little heart out! I might also add that he looked very cool while he was doing it too!

Olyvia played next and had a great time. She had her first injury. Let me just say there was crying, swelling, redness, and dirt but after a few minutes she was back in the game and playing soccer like a rock star!

Tyler had the last game of the day. He was a powerhouse! He had a fantastic assist and displayed some excellent ball handling skills. He dribbled, he passed and he had the biggest smile I have ever seen.....perhaps we should work on a game face...nah!

All in all it was a wonderful day - even the rain was amazing! I am always humbled when God shows His splendor. I wish I had some pictures but every time it clouded up and the rain came down I had 2 babies in my arms! Next time!

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  1. Wow..looks like your soccer Saturday was wonderful!
    I wish it had rained here instead of the drama we had. Our soccer park was evacuated.
    I've posted in my blog about it..


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