Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Behind the Scenes

I have had a few people ask about the cupcakes. I did take a few pix along the way and I can share. Wesley helped me make them and it was a lot of fun!!!

I decided to make "rainbow cake" for the actual cake part of the cupcakes! It was super easy and the kids loved it! All you have to do is whip up a box of yellow cake mix. Divide the batter into one bowl per color you are using. I used 4 bowls and made red, yellow, green and blue. It is best if you have icing coloring like Wilton Icing Colors because it is a more vibrant color.I tired to post a link but the computer is not cooperating today....
Here is a picture of my batter

I brought out my muse - aren't the cute???

Then you just spoon it in to your cupcake liners....it really only takes about a tablespoon or so of each color.

Then you bake according to the package directions

MMMMMMMMMMM....we have to wait to eat them...waiting is hard...

This is the part that Wesley helped with - we had so much fun!

First of all here are the supplies we used....you will see the frosting pen in the picture, it actually did not work as well as the icing for us...anyone with any tips on this please leave them for me!!!

1st we frosted the cupcakes - red for Elmo and blue for Cookie

2nd Wesley sprinkled red edible glitter on Elmo and blue sugar crystals for Cookie

3rd - we added the eyes. For Elmo we put a large black dot of icing in the center of the melting chip. For Cookie we put it at the bottom so we could alternate the dot at the top and bottom to make him look more kooky.
Oh my word! Could he be any cuter????

4th - We did the Elmo's first. We put the eyes on, then the nose and then I frosted on the mouth using a round tip from Wilton. Super easy!
I think it's cute...I hope I don't end up seeing this on Cake Wrecks!

5th - we did the Cookie's next. We put one eye on with the pupil up and the other with the pupil down and then gave him a squirmy mouth with the same round tip we used with Elmo. Super easy and super fun!

We put all of the rainbow cupcakes on the cupcake stand, half Elmo's and half Cookie's. I also made some plain cupcakes that I just put on a platter for extras. Both serving options looked great but I think I prefer the cupcake stand!

I hope this helps a bit! I am blogging while doing laundry and tending to twins this morning....I really hope this is some what coherent!

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  1. Super cute! I never got the frosting pen to work. I gave up.

    I love that Wes helped. :)

  2. Ah - that is much easier (and cuter) than what I was preparing myself for. Thank you so much!
    Wes looks adorable and I think it's awesome that he helped!

  3. Melting chip? Esplain por favor!

  4. Crazy cute!!! (and the cupcakes too!)

  5. Marcy - I splained it to you on bbc....let me know if you need further assistance!

    Thanks for the cupcake love and the props for my boy - he is so cute!

  6. You are so clever! That's such fantastic ideas. I love the rainbow cakes and the kooky eyes for Cookie Monster. Elmo's nose is awesome too. Wesley IS a cutie!! He looks a lot like you in that photo.


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