Friday, August 7, 2009

Twin Family Meetup

What a great day we had when we returned from camp! For my family members reading this do not be *alarmed* I have a support group online that I started when I found out I was pregnant with the twins. It is a safe group! We have supported each other through nausea, bed rest, giving birth to twins, breast feeding them or not, spit up, sickness, crawling, walking, talking and of course all things twin that others just cannot understand! We have been together through thick and thin but since we are an internet group we are spread all over the country. I first reached out to my dear friend Jennifer when she dropped off the radar for a while and then reported that she was in the hospital on bed rest. I called the hospital and was connected to her room. Sounds a little "stalkerish" I know but we had a great conversation. As time has gone on we have shared more of our lives and finally we met IRL - in real life! Jennifer is a California girl like me!!! My other dear friend Janie lives in CA too! She also has a "large family" with 4 kids. She and her wonderful family spent last Easter with us! We decided to have a California girl meet up at our house last weekend and it was GREAT!!!!! We had 3 sets of twins in one house and it was fabulous fun! It was great to chat face to face and as comfortable as sitting with an old friend. We have shared so much of our lives together and all though I am grateful for our friendship I wish we had met at school or the library so we could see each other more often! I think there are about 25-30 women in our group and I wish we could all have a week together! We are dreaming of a huge lotto win and building a "twin compound" in the hills of Santa Barbara where we will all move and raise our "twinados" together. I love this dream, it is so calming! But until that day comes I will have to retreat to thoughts of our Twin Family Meet up last Saturday.....

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  1. What a great time! All the twins look so cute, and how fun that they are all around the same age!

  2. Ahhh.... we can always dream! :) Glad you guys had a great time!


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