Sunday, July 5, 2009

OK, July 4th Pt 5 But This Is It!

After all of the fireworks were over and the desserts were gone we went for a walk around the block to crash a few other parties. Yes, it was after 10:30 pm and yes, we took the twins! They had some fun looking at more fireworks but more than that it was a beautiful summer night and I think even a toddler can feel that. We walked in the moonlight and chatted about nothing with the kids. It was very Norman Rockwell, I love those moments! Then when we came inside Ysa got a bit of toilet paper and wrapped her baby up - adorable! I had to snap a picture of it, she is such a night owl. Layla was a little less adventurous, she just wanted to be held by her Daddy. It was a fabulous day! The kids said it was the best 4th of July ever - I love that!

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  1. CUTE CUTE CUTE CUTE CUTE!!!! I love how the girls dresses came out...I need to get a post up too.

  2. What a sweet thing for little Ysa to do! Very cute - sounds like your 4th was a huge success!


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