Sunday, July 5, 2009

July 4th Pt 2 Outfitting the Crew

Every year I get the kids coordinating and festive outfits so that the pictures I take will look nice. I am not sure why I put this kind of pressure on myself year after year but I think it just comes with the job. This year it just wasn't working out. The store didn't have the sizes I needed, no time to order online, Lyvie wanted a Hello Kitty shirt and I wanted to make the twins dresses with my new sewing machine. So, as we do often in a large family, we improvised! Tyler picked out his shirt, Wesley could care less, Lyvie wore her Hello Kitty shirt and the twins looked very patriotic in their new dresses that I made (and finished at lunch time on the 4th)- tada! Then on the morning of the 4th I stumbled across a website where the girl had her hair done in the shape of a star! Her hair! In a STAR people! We had to try it! I think I copied the star hair do for Lyv quite nicely if I do say so myself! Of course the twins needed some fancy hair so we did a lovely fireworks explosion thing for them too! So, here are some pictures of my crew, not matching, but looking mighty fine!

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  1.!! The twins' dresses are so fantastic!! I'm so envious that you can sew that well! The hair dos were great all around. Is your oldest Tyler or Wesley? He looks just like Bryan.

  2. Ty is my big guy...he does look like his Daddy!

  3. A fantastic looking family - as always! I'm also very impressed by your sewing skills and hair-manipulating talent! ;)

  4. The girls' dresses came out great! My "new" sewing machine is still in the box, where it has been resting for the 2 years since I received it for Christmas. :(


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