Sunday, July 12, 2009

Another Day at the Park

We had a great night at the park the other day! It is so nice to walk to the park on a quiet evening and let the kids get their sillies out. Layla is very in to her hobby horse and for some reason MUST wear a hat when she rides. Ysa loves to pull the wagon, she goes off track and runs over toes but she has a huge smile the whole time! The big kids ride scooters and big wheels, swing, run and slide the entire time we are there...I wish I had a fraction of their energy.

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  1. Cute pictures!!! I love the one of you and Bryan, and your kids are so cute. So funny that Layla has to wear a hat to ride her hobby horse. But of course!!

  2. Those are some great pics!!!! I love the one of you and Bry too. The first one of Layla riding her hobby horse is just priceless and the last one of Ysa pulling the wagon is adorable!


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