Thursday, June 11, 2009

This and That June 7th - 12th

I seem to have fallen behind on my blogging again! The kids are out of school now and we have been BUSY! Not really, but it sure feels like it! So, here is a quick recap.

June 7th was my birthday. I am 33. We had a nice little BBQ dinner and some s'mores for dessert.
the twins having some dinner

my 1st dessert

Me and my motley crue...I like how the twins have decorated Bry's bbq

We love going to Farmer's Market on Thursday mornings. Here are some random pictures.

my boys

And finally bath time...much needed bath time!


  1. Wonderful pics - you have such cute kids. The video of Layla and Ysa is adorable! And hope you had a great birthday!


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