Saturday, June 20, 2009

Popsicle night

It was a warm June evening, a perfect night for popsicles! The twins have had licks of ice cream and tastes of other frozen sweet treats but they have never had their very own before. So, we all sat out back to watch the twins eat their 1st popsicle...what did we do before we had twins????? I should also tell you that Layla has a new favorite word - "NO". Sometimes she yells it, screams it, sings it or cries it. She says it about everything! For instance
- Layla, do you want to take a bath? "NO"
- Layla, do you want to play outside? "NO"
- Layla, do you love me? "NO"
All of the above mentioned questions are some of her favorite things in life but for some reason so is saying "NO"!

* as a side note I would just like to add that we stopped by Babies R Us last week for some tank tops and as we were looking, the twins noticed the hideous Elmo sandals. They screamed and cried for the shoes through the entire store. Normally I would say "No." and move on but we still had several more places to go so....I caved! So now the twins have these horrendously ugly boy Elmo shoes. They are now the "backyard shoes" and that is where they will remain!

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  1. That is hilarious about the Elmo sandals! I'm terrified of that very thing happening with my kids. I love it!

  2. On another note - how did you change the format for posting comments? I like this way so much better!

  3. I have NO idea how to format it - my friend Jen designed my blog for me!

  4. LOL! Too funny about the "backyard shoes"! It looks like the girls did A LOT better with their first popsicles than my boys did! :)

  5. Amanda--
    Customize--Settings--Comments--make selections here--I think it is in comment form moderation or something like that.

    The girls are so big, Caryn.


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