Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Kyte family recap

I just wanted to throw in a Kyte family post! Abigail has taken up most of our thoughts but even though she is a huge part of our lives right now our daily life still goes on. We have had some great times the last few weeks. Olyvia had her Puttin' on the Hits show for Daisy's, Wesley had his class play "Frog Went A Courtin'" where he played the frog, and we have had ball games and general family fun. I hope you enjoy the photo wrap up of the last few weeks!

My frog with his frog cupcake!

A new cousin - baby Braydon

Ysa plays ball!

Layla says "batter up!"


  1. Great pics and what a sweet video! I love the hand holding and arm swinging. :)

  2. Braydon is so tiny!!! Cutie pie though. Tell Jen I love the new layout. Too cute!


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