Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Day 13 & 14

Catching up time!!! Yesterday I cleaned out another bag of clothes that have become too worn out to wear even as pajamas! You know, the clothes that you wash, put away, and then they get pulled out again some how, you sort them in the laundry again and wonder WHY? but you wash them again anyway - those clothes! I tossed them...it felt great! Today I am cleaning out the kids book shelf...after they go to bed of course! I am getting rid of all of the books that the twins will not be able to read because they are torn up or colored in beyond repair. I hope it will feel good to clean out the book shelf but I am worried about not being able to part with so many memories the books will bring up!

My amazing blessing - today I got a card in the mail. It was a Thank You note from a friend that I reached out to. It was unsigned but I really wish it had been. I love to get mail!!! I love to get mail from someone I have touched! It made me feel really good. The card also had some money in it. I do not charge for my friendship but it was a really nice surprise! So, who ever you are Thank You...you have made my day! I feel very warm and glow-y tonight....so nice!

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  1. C - Yay for happy notes! The unexpected ones are always my favorite. I'm sure whoever sent it wasn't "paying" for friendship, merely reaching out to help. How awesome!

  2. That is so nice! What a good feeling to know you helped someone. That's what it's all about!


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