Friday, March 6, 2009

Day 10

Today I cleaned out some pictures/drawings. I get several drawings a day, by the end of the week we have a fire hazard on our hands! I hang some, I set some here and there, I file some, and I try to give some away.... but eventually we have too many! I feel a slight twinge of guilt throwing them away but honestly, it feels pretty darn good!

My amazing blessing of the day - my super fantastic friend Jen that made my blog so beautiful!!!!!! She has twins too and still has time to make pretty things for me!!!! She is a great blessing in my life and I am glad to know her!

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  1. I'm so glad you like it! I was pretty proud of myself too!

  2. It IS beautiful...she is soooo amazing! Wishing it were Spring here...sigh! Although we are being teased with temps in the 50's!

  3. Oh--pictures idea--I keep 6 frames in the kitchen for artwork (2 per child, though they are pretty much monopolized by Gabe now that Will and Jack are at the high school.) I rotate art work through...that way when it has to go, we have enjoyed it to the fullest! (They fade, so the guilt is gone when you have to dispose of them!) And the kids are sooo proud that they have framed artwork in the house! I let them decide which masterpieces to frame...then they weed their own stuff out!


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