Sunday, February 8, 2009

A day in the life...

OK, today was pretty much a typical crazy day...not really blog worthy in my opinion but at the urging of my dear friend Jen I will tell you all about it. The kids had a friend spend the night last night and so they went to bed really late and woke up really early this morning thus creating cranky kids and a tired Mommy! I tried to make the best of it, we went to the grocery store and I let them push a kid cart, pick out lunch and get a cookie from the bakery dept. Pretty cool mom don't you think? Then we went to the nursery and picked out some seeds to plant in a mini greenhouse made from a used strawberry container - more fun! We came home and ate the yummy lunch and decided we all needed to watch a little movie and relax before planting seeds. We got the movie started after a few minutes of remote searching and I realized I did not see the twins anywhere! This is never good. I walk down the hallway and see them in the bathroom - For those of you that know me well you know I have a slight germ issue...perhaps a little more than slight. I walk in to see my precious baby girls covered in TOILET water!!!! Layla was combing Ysa's hair with the toilet bowl brush and Ysa was putting her hand in the toilet and patting Layla's hair. When I came to, I stripped them and put them into the bathtub. I am hollering down the hallway for the older kids. They see the mess and the toilet and know that a very bad thing has happened. While I am scrubbing the twins and lecturing the older kids on the fine art of "closing the bathroom door behind you" I decide that "fun time" is over. I scrubbed the babies one more time and pulled them from the tub. I had Olyvia and Wesley clean the bathroom. Tyler had fallen asleep (I think my lecture may have done that!) so he was off the hook at the moment. I put the twins in jammies at 3 pm - why bother with another outfit??? Then I had Olyvia and Wesley take a shower and put their pajamas on too. Shortly after they were done Ty woke up and was also ordered to shower up and get into pajamas. So, it is now 3:30 and everyone is in pajamas - great. Every Sunday I have a recipe challenge with some friends. It is Sunday and I have all of my ingredients so toilet water and no sleep or not, I am cooking my dinner! Bry comes home from work and I feel so relieved! HELP IS HERE!!!! I had about 20 minutes of bliss while I cooked was a lovely stir fry with ginger and some great bell peppers (in case you were wondering)! It must have been a little too good because Layla put too much in her mouth and choked! Now the toilet water was bad enough and the only thing worse than toilet water is vomit! Of course, Layla puked up the food all over her clean jammies! Thank the Lord that Bryan was home to clean it up! She stayed pajama free for most of the evening - she hates to wear clothes anyway! We spent the rest of the night playing on the floor, watching the kids wrestle and go crazy....this is basically just what we do....I hope you enjoy the video and a glimpse of our average ordinary life! By the way - I LOVE my life!

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  1. Hahha, Caryn, you had me laughing out loud! How funny (and icky!). I love the lecture on the "fine art of closing the door behind you". HA!! For some reason I couldn't view the video. Maybe I'll check back later.

  2. Sounds like one of my days! I've had to pull my twins out of playing in the toilet too many times. What is the obsession? I just don't get it. LOL

  3. oh and I would make a fine pair! my kids ALWAYS have to listen to me lecture about closing the groses me out to have Sam anywhere neer the toilet (and I bleach my bathroom about twice a week!!!)
    good to hear from you again!!


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