Sunday, January 11, 2009

My girls...

Wow! I have not been keeping up with the daily blog! Please forgive me, I have been busy! Our days have been filled with the usual homework, church, practices and the never ending errands but I am trying to enjoy some quiet moments with the kids in between all the daily chaos. I have been giving the duo some big girl opportunities lately and they seem to be enjoying it! Last week we did some coloring. It has been very interesting to watch them color. Layla likes to color very much! She likes to use every color on the page and she also sings while she colors - very cute! Aside of being very pretty and fun to use, crayons appear to be quite tasty too! Ysabelle on the other hand likes to hold all of the crayons.She organizes them and likes to put them back in the box. She doesn't actually color on the paper very much at all but she seems to love coloring time! The other day I taped some paper to the table and they made place mats. Olyvia is a fantastic big sister and enjoys helping the twins whenever possible. She helped them make designs on their place mats and after they were done they all enjoyed some milk and bear crackers. It was a nice moment!

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